No Deal BREXIT: What should schools do to prepare?

19th September 2019

How to support staff to apply for settlement status

One million EU Citizens and their families have now been granted status to remain in the UK. Many more EU Citizens still need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. If you have employees within your School who are yet to apply for status you can support them by providing guidance using the Home Office’s Employer Toolkit:


Applications for settlement status are free and the application process has been designed to ensure it is easy to follow. In a no-deal scenario the application closing date will be 31stDecember 2020, however, EU citizens must have been living in the UK when it leaves the EU on 31stOctober 2019.

EU citizens who have 5 years continuous residence in the UK by the time they apply will usually get settled status. Those who have less than five years’ continuous residence will usually get ‘pre-settled status’. They can then apply to change this to ‘settled status’ once they’ve been in the UK for five years. Both ‘pre-settled status’ and ‘settled status’ allow EU/EEA/Swiss citizens to enjoy the same rights and conditions they currently have under free movement.

For further information please ask for a factsheet from your HR Consultant or contact them on 0161 850 4343 to discuss individual cases.

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